Coffee Break Contest

Energize your culture with authentic 1-to-1 connections and team-wide shared experiences

Boost Your Remote Team Culture

Conquer remote loneliness in just 15 minutes per week

  • Teammates connect over thoughtful challenges (think photo contests, trivia, puzzles!)
  • Fun interactivity eliminates awkward “ice-breaker” moments

Inspire appreciation and deeper employee relations

  • 100s of peer “kudos” are expressed after each interaction
  • Wide sharing of kudos positively reinforces team culture

Cultivate a culture of fun and camaraderie

  • Friendly competition and recaps of challenge spur intra-team conversation
  • Gamified content motivates team players to succeed, together

Don’t watch another initiative fizzle out

  • A variety of experiences keeps it fresh and fun
  • The virtual coffee break becomes a pillar of your culture
85% participation for

multiple quarters

What You Get


A new partner
every 2 weeks


Leave awkward
icebreakers behind for authentic moments


Times up! Give your
partner some kudos

The Team’s Virtual
Coffee Break

Laugh and chat about everyone’s submissions

See Why People Love It!

“After doing CBC for just a few weeks, we already felt the positive effects of remote people being part of office shenanigans.”

“It’s been really great to see remote and in office culture cross-pollinating. Having this naturally flow into our group conversations has been both easy and nice.”

“When the recap arrived on Friday, the whole office exploded in a good way!
Messages were flying back and forth!”


Join the Fun for the Price of Lunch!


Per User / Month*

Simple, concierge onboarding

Biweekly challenges and recaps

1-to-1 and large group teambuilding
(1 to 3 hours / person / quarter)

Visibility into user engagement 

Readily available support


*Billed quarterly; $750 quarterly minimum

No credit card required at time of sign-up.

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