Coffee Break Contest

Ongoing team-building designed for distributed teams!

Build Culture Outside of the All Hands

Building cohesive culture across distributed teams is hard – plain and simple


Connect everyone with low-touch, biweekly team building built for you!

Cultivate a Shared Experience

Create New Connections

Generate Inclusive Conversation

Build a Sense of Belonging

“For our new hire, it absolutely

helped with her onboarding. She’s

immediately interacting with

other remote team members or

locals she doesn’t work with

directly. That was a big win.”

87% of participants STRONGLY

AGREED that Coffee Break Contest

built a better sense of belonging

for them in their organization.

Engage in Many Different Ways

Keep it fresh and exciting with a wide variety of challenges!


Get creative juices flowing, from taking silly photos to writing poetry!

Example: Recreate a famous scene from the scary movie, Scream, for Halloween!


No Googling happens here — just good old-fashioned discussion and debate!

Example: You’ve crash landed on the moon 30 miles from a lunar outpost… what items will you take from your spaceship to help you survive?

Problem Solving

Puzzles test each team’s problem-solving abilities with unique twists and turns!

Example: There’s a hidden code in the NYC subway map… can you find it? Use what you can find about each landmark, and uncover the hidden letters within

Enjoy a Simple Flow

Get placed on a team

  • Get placed in teams of 5 to 8 of your colleagues
  • Pair with a different person from your team every 2 weeks
  • Start to form a team identity!

Complete challenges remotely

  • Receive a challenge over email
  • Find 15 minutes to hop on a video conference
  • Have fun and get to know your partner while doing the challenge!

See your coworkers shine!

  • Receive a recap showcasing everyone’s submissions after each challenge
  • See how you and your team did
  • Appreciate your colleagues, and let the banter fly!

See Why People Love It!

“After doing CBC for just a few weeks, we already felt the positive effects of remote people being part of office shenanigans.”

“It’s been really great to see remote and in office culture cross-pollinating. Having this naturally flow into our group conversations has been both easy and nice.”

“When the recap arrived on Friday, the whole office exploded in a good way!
Messages were flying back and forth!”

Join the Fun for the Price of Lunch!


Per User / Month*

Simple, concierge onboarding

Biweekly challenges and recaps

1-to-1 and large group teambuilding
(1 to 3 hours / person / quarter)

Visibility into user engagement 

Readily available support


*Billed quarterly; $250 monthly minimum

No credit card required at time of sign-up.