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The Best Trivia For Remote Teams!

Less Pressure + More Teamwork = More Fun!

How do we achieve this? I’m glad you asked!

BreakoutIQ’s approach to trivia keeps all the fun stuff about trivia while getting rid of the obscure and mundane. You get fast-paced questions to test your brain and fun rounds to keep everyone engaged. Plus our rounds involve problem solving instead of just random facts. This way teammates can ping pong ideas off each other and everyone gets a chance to contribute!

1. Get Started With A Quick Intro Round!

Your host will split you into teams and send you to a private breakout room to meet your teammates, pick a team captain and come up with a team name.

Start thinking of your team name now!




2. Let’s Start Simple!

We’ll start the game with a lighthearted round to ease your team into talking with each other and trading ideas:

According to Urban Dictionary, what is the reason why one sock disappears when you do your laundry?

A.  Burglar     B.  Quantum Theory     C.  Paranoia?

Only your team can decide!


3. A Bit More Puzzling

As the game continues, the rounds get more complex with bonus points available at every turn:

  • You’ve crash landed on the moon. You have 16 supplies, but can only take 8. Where does water rank in order of importance in comparison to the map of the moon? 
  • We know the top 30 recipes people Googled in 2018.  Can you use the search engine in your brain to name 10?

View all our game themes & rounds



Sample Game Sheet

4. Customization All The Way

Want a holiday themed celebration, highlight team values, or have more company presence in the game? Whatever you’re interested in, our content wizards will do a deep dive into your company, team, or goals and create rounds specifically for you:

What if your company’s lingo was only presented in pictures?

A broken pencil + an arrow pointing out of a box + a thinking brain = BreakoutIQ!

Would you recognize your company name as a pictogram?

5. So How Does The Whole Game Work?

We’ll create a Zoom meeting. All your team has to do is download the Zoom desktop app, join the meeting and we’ll take it from there

Our host presents each round, sends out a link to a virtual answer sheet, and moves each team to a private breakout room

You submit your answers via the virtual answer sheet; then your host brings the teams back to the main meeting room and reveals the correct answers and scores

Get a full breakdown here


Click above to watch our demo video

6. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The final round is always a nail-biter; there’s mega bonus points up for grabs and it’s still anyone’s game!

After we announce the winners, the celebration commences and we let teams relive the game highlights before they sign off. We’ve been told the debates continue for days!

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It’s no surprise that Remote Trivia is great for bringing corporate teams together. With unique, curated content and a thoughtful game design to include everyone on your team, Remote Trivia is sure to be a hit.

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