How it Works

How our virtual trivia is designed for your remote teams

What to Expect

1. We'll open the Zoom room 5 minutes before your start time

As your team arrives, your host will make sure everyone is setup properly for the activity

2. Your host will kick off with an overview of how the game works, as well as instructions for an intro round

We'll cover the trivia rounds as well as how we use Zoom for the game play

3. Your host provide a URL where teams can submit their responses to the intro round

Teams simply have to pick a team name and designate a team captain

4. Players are seamlessly placed into teams of 4-7 and assigned to breakout rooms

We automatically randomize teams (or can work from a pre-selected team list if you've requested that). Either way, we'll do all the work!

5. Your host sends each team to their own virtual breakout room for the round, and bring them back when they're done

Participants get used to the Zoom interface and the game flow before the game actually begins

6. We kick off the first round of trivia!

Each round has the same flow, with our host managing where you need to be and what you need to focus on

7. After each round, your host will provide answers, score updates, and interesting stats!

Which teams won the round? Which questions did everyone get, and which ones did everyone miss? What are the overall scores!?

8. The final scores will be tallied after the last round, and the winners announced!

Only team will rise to the summit!

9. We'll send everyone into their breakout rooms one final time for a team debrief

We include this final step if it makes sense for your group

Demo Video

Watch this video to see how the activity flows!

(make sure you have your sound on!)

Still not convinced? Schedule time with our event coordinators to learn more!

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