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Why Virtual Scavenger Hunts are Great for Remote Teams

Looking for a way of doing some team building with your remote teams? Since everyone is scattered around the country or even the world, it’s not like they can come together to build a tower of furniture. However, there are virtual options that are great for team building. Sending your employees on a virtual scavenger hunt, for example, can help them learn about each other and become better at working together.


What is a Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

A virtual scavenger hunt is an online version of the traditional game. Each team is given a list of items they have to find. Players then find the items on the list searching the web, using items from your own home or working space or coming up with creative on-the-spot solutions. Once time is up the teams will return to the main session to review the items they have acquired. Then the players will be called on to share their item during a show and tell style recap, encouraging a high level of engagement. As far as virtual team building events go, this is one of interactive and versatile.

The teams will submit their lists of found and created items as they go, receiving points. The team that has the most points at the end of the timer wins. During the event, the teams will work together, learn about each other, and find ways of using their combined skills to complete the most tasks and increase their score.

The whole game takes about an hour, which means you can schedule a virtual scavenger hunt at just about any time of the workday. You can have one early in the morning on the day a number of new hires start as an ice breaker type event, or you can hold your scavenger hunt towards the end of the day as a fun way of wrapping up work a little early. It’s all up to you.


How Does a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Help with Team Building?

Virtual scavenger hunt team building is accomplished by working together. Teams that don’t work together won’t complete as many of the objectives so collaboration is the key to success. Each team will need to talk about what they’re good at, what tasks they believe they can complete, and how they think some of the more difficult objectives should be approached. It’s truly a group effort. This is a good way for new employees to learn about each other and for those who have worked together for years discover new things about their co-workers.


How Are Virtual Scavenger Hunts Scored?

These scavenger hunts are setup where teams of 5-6 players are sent to independent virtual breakout rooms to complete a series of challenges done in rounds. Each round is ten minutes long and has its own specific category: discovery, creativity, or trivia. At the end of the round, the host adds up the number of items the team found and awards them points, typically one point for each item successfully checked off the list. At the end of all three rounds, the points are added together to get the team’s final score.


How Do You Organize One?

The team here at BreakoutIQ will handle all of the organization and hosting of these virtual team building events for large groups. All you need to do is provide us with the contact information for your employees and we will send invites with the link to join the game. They will not need to install any software or have any special hardware beyond a microphone and camera.

Our scavenger hunts can hold up to 100 people in a session. We will split the group into smaller teams of five or six individuals for the actual hunt. Our hosts will explain all of the rules and will be on-hand to provide hints and other help as needed. We keep score and will do a recap of the questions and answers at the end of each round.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to discuss how a virtual scavenger hunt could work for you.