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happy holidays sign and winter decorations

Fun Ideas for Virtual Winter Holiday Parties

Missing the traditional holiday office party? Now more than ever, people are working remotely, making in-person gatherings difficult or impossible. 

Holiday work gatherings are still possible with virtual holiday parties! It’s easy to take classic holiday party themes and spin them into the virtual world. Try a Virtual Ugly Sweater Party, Remote Holiday Movie Quote Trivia, Remote Gingerbread House Contest or Virtual Holiday Karaoke!

Virtual Holiday Sweater Party

Host a festively dressed holiday happy hour encouraging team members to dawn their most “unique” holiday or winter themed sweater. Kick it up a notch by making it a contest, with several different categories. Some categories you could use include: most festive sweater, most embellished sweater (bring on the flair), brightest sweater, cutest sweater and of course…. the ugliest sweater. 

The creativity doesn’t have to end with sweaters, encourage your remote team to decorate their desks at home. From their favorite holiday tradition items and winter décor to sparkling lights and paper snowflakes, there are several ways to spruce up your workspace for the winter holidays. 

Virtual Trivia with Holiday Movie Quotes

remote holiday team building eventLooking for an activity to play at your virtual holiday party? Holiday movie quote trivia is perfect for everyone. Select 10-15 classic holiday movies with memorable quotes that most people have seen. Try selecting from a wide variety of movies ensuring everyone has at least seen a few and can participate. 

For example, consider some of these memorable holiday movie quotes:

  • “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” (It’s a Wonderful Life)
  • “I made my family disappear!” (Home Alone)
  •  “Is it plugged in?” (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)
  •  “Bah humbug” (A Christmas Carol)

A Remote Team Gingerbread House Building Contest

putting together a ginger bread houseFor an activity that everyone can do in advance and enjoy during your holiday party, go for a remote gingerbread house contest. You can send kits to your team so that they all have the same supplies, or set a max limit $20 etc. Ask everyone to stay within that limit to keep things fair. 

Give every team member a minute or so to highlight their handiwork describing their creation. You can turn this into a contest or simply enjoy the wide variety of gingerbread houses your teammates have come up with. For added fun, eat the houses once everyone has had a chance to show theirs off!

Virtual Holiday Karaoke

This particular remote party activity is great for the holidays and really fun all year round. There are several ways to play holiday karaoke. One way is to select a theme and songs to that theme for everyone to sing to. Team members can either take turns singing songs, team up or have everyone sing all together like carolers. 

Another way to play virtual holiday karaoke is to let each person select which holiday song they would like to sing. Everyone gets a turn jamming out to their favorite holiday tune!

Some possible themes include holiday music from movies only, holiday music from specific genres (rock, pop, country) and holiday music from specific decades (60s, 70s, 80s etc). 

Looking for More Holiday Themed Events for Your Remote Teams?

You and your teams have worked hard all year, so enjoy this winter season with these unique virtual holiday parties! And if you love these ideas and are looking for a larger or more challenging events, check out our selection of Virtual Holiday Team Building Events.