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Women giving thumbs up while doing remote work on laptop

Remote Team Games are Successful Learning Tools

Women having trouble doing remote work on laptopOne of the best ways to encourage team member engagement is by applying various applications of game play to the activity.

Keeping team members engaged and having fun is one way to ensure your training will be a success. Most training programs and simulations in the workforce can be cumbersome and dull. How much are your team members retaining if they are not actively engaged? How long does standard format training take? There is a way for company training to be easier, quicker, more engaging and have higher retention rates.

Remote team activities that are games based are essential for effective training that is quicker, easier, better retained and applied.

Quicker & Easier Learning Experience

It’s no secret, when we are enjoying what we do, it feels easier and moves faster.

We have all heard “time flies when you’re having fun”…but why is that? According to scientists, specific cells in our brains are more active when we’re having fun, releasing dopamine causing our brains to think less time has passed.

Training events that are amusing are also more collaborative, making the training overall feel easier. If you have the focus and engagement of your remote team members, they are more likely to work together. Working together and sharing the “load” builds collaboration skills and helps make new and possibly complicated information more palatable.

Better Retention & Application

When we are actively engaged with a topic we are more likely to remember the details and apply them.

Women doing remote work on laptopUsing activities like games that make learning collaborative and enjoyable helps virtual team members be more willing to participate and take risks. Playing while learning helps team members retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable. There is also a positive effect on motivation levels which play a role in what we learn and how much we retain. Learning requires repetition and dedication. If the learning process is exciting and intriguing, team members will want to participate.

Virtual team building events like remote escape rooms, gameshow themed events, scavenger hunts, and virtual trivia are the perfect way to gamify your next remote company training. The crew at BreakoutIQ can help make your next remote team event a success on all fronts. Learn more about our team building options like a custom virtual trivia game for your company’s next big event.