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Trivia Night: Benefits and Guide to Putting Together A Team Event

Looking for fun virtual games for work? A collaborative activity with several advantages is team trivia. Team trivia has more benefits than you would think, from enhanced teamwork to greater communication.

Team Trivia is an exciting and interactive team-building event that helps to foster collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among teams. 

It is fun and engaging to bring people together and help them work through differences and disagreements. Team Trivia games for work are often used in corporate settings to promote collaboration, increase morale, and build relationships among coworkers.

While organizing a trivia night for the team at work could seem straightforward, there are many more advantages. 

Working together in a relaxed remote environment and stepping outside their business positions are made possible via team trivia. 

Employees are developing several soft skills that can improve your company as they “play.”

Likewise, you are not required to plan the team trivia competition alone. You can collaborate with us to plan a hassle-free online event.

By doing this, you support the following:


Trivia is open to all participants. People respond to questions; there are no physical feats or skill-based trials to complete.

It’s a fantastic approach for managers or supervisors to interact with their teams. The office hierarchy is eliminated, allowing for equitable collaboration among all employees.


By its very nature, team trivia involves collaboration amongst small groups of players. To promote teamwork among coworkers who frequently collaborate, you can create teams or allow employees to choose their teams.


A little friendly competition is beneficial for every firm. Again, you can organize teams, so this rivalry spills into the workplace.

Consider a friendly competition whose goal is to see whose sales team can sign up the newest clients in a given quarter. Set up the teams for the team trivia night such that they compete. You contribute to their pleasant office rivalry by doing this.


Team trivia online can foster a sense of camaraderie. It’s a step toward creating an effective workplace culture that keeps people. When workers are content, they look forward to going to work. They aim to do well.

Employees frequently quit their jobs when the corporate culture is poor or, worse yet, unfavorable. When corporate culture soured, 43% of workers quit their jobs.

Regular team-building activities can support a positive workplace culture.

How To Put Together A Team Trivia Night Online?

The following four steps will help you create a successful virtual trivia night for team building:

  • Announce the event: For your team to prepare for the impending spectacular, let them know about the event well in advance.
  • Select your online trivia game and subject: Select a forum or come up with your inquiries. Let everyone know if you’ll keep the questions generic or concentrate on a specific subject. Or you can hire BreakOutIQ for a seamless in-game experience. 
  • Pick a method for forming teams: By making your team selections immediately, you can steer toward the impromptu. Additionally, you can pre-select teams to pair up with particular coworkers you wish to see interact more frequently.
  • Follow a loose schedule: Make a general plan for your gaming night. But be reasonable and remember to allow enough time for everyone to attend the event once it is life. Then, employ your structure to declare the game’s beginning, record the score, maintain everyone’s attention, and impartially select your team’s victor.


Team Trivia is an excellent team-building event that offers a variety of benefits. Not only does it bring people together and build camaraderie, but it also allows for healthy competition, encourages collaboration, and boosts morale. 

BreakoutIQ is here to help you coordinate a virtual holiday team-building event to bring your remote teams together. Get Team Trivia online!