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Essential Strategies to Build a High-Performing Remote Team (Part 2 of 3)

In the Part 1 of this three-part blog series, we discussed essential strategies for building a high-performing remote team: communication, goal setting, trust and accountability, collaboration, and culture. This second part will explore additional strategies to help you build a successful remote team.

6. Hiring the Right Team Members

Hiring the right team members is crucial for building a high-performing remote team. It would be best to look for candidates with the right skills, experience, and ability to work independently and collaborate effectively. Look for candidates with experience working remotely or the skills and mindset to adapt to remote work.

When interviewing candidates, ask questions that help you assess their communication skills, ability to work independently, and collaboration skills. Provide opportunities for candidates to demonstrate their skills through a work sample or a trial project.

7. Providing the Right Tools and Technology

The right tools and technology are essential for building a successful remote team. It includes providing team members with the tools to communicate, collaborate, and manage their work effectively. Some essential remote team tools include licensed software, video conferencing, instant messaging apps, project management tools, and cloud storage services.

Providing team members with the proper hardware and equipment, such as laptops, monitors, and webcams, is also critical. Providing a stipend for home office supplies and utilities can also help team members create a comfortable and productive workspace.

8. Establishing a Clear Onboarding Process

Establishing a straightforward onboarding process should be standard for remote teams. It includes providing new team members with the information and resources they need to get started, such as access to tools and technology, an introduction to team members, and a crystal clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

It is also essential to provide every team member with a thorough training program that covers the tools and processes they will be using, as well as the company culture and values. Providing opportunities for new team members to ask questions and receive feedback is necessary for onboarding processes, promotions, and reassignment.

9. Encouraging Continuous Learning and Development

Encouraging continuous learning and development may help alleviate any feeling of stagnation from your team members. Your company must provide opportunities for team members to learn new skills and develop their expertise through training programs, workshops, or mentorship programs.

Providing opportunities for team members to share their knowledge and expertise with others is also crucial for building a collaborative and supportive team culture. Encourage team members to share their experiences and insights and provide opportunities for them to teach and mentor others.

10. Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

Remote work can blur the lines between work and personal life, so it is a non-negotiable reason to establish clear industry boundaries and expectations for work hours and availability.

Encouraging team members to take breaks and prioritize self-care is vital for maintaining productivity and preventing burnout. Flexible work arrangements, such as flexible hours or time off, can help team members achieve a healthy work-life balance.


Building a high-performing remote team requires careful planning and execution. Hiring the right team members, providing the right tools and technology, establishing a straightforward onboarding process, encouraging continuous learning and development, and prioritizing work-life balance is essential. 

By following these strategies, you can build a successful remote team that is productive, collaborative, and motivated. Part 3 of this series will explore how to measure productivity in building a high-performing remote team

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