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Virtual vs Hybrid vs In-Person: A Comparison of Holiday Team Building Events

The holiday season brings forth an excellent opportunity for your team to bond, celebrate their achievements throughout the year, and enhance their interpersonal connections. With the ever-evolving workplace dynamics, organizations have a multitude of options when planning their holiday team building events. These options generally fall into three categories: virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Each format has its unique advantages and challenges, and selecting the right one depends on several factors, such as team size, location, and budget. BreakoutIQ, a leading provider of virtual team-building activities for businesses of all sizes, is here to help you make an informed decision when choosing the most suitable option for your company’s holiday celebration.

In this article, we will compare virtual, hybrid, and in-person holiday team building events, discussing their respective benefits, drawbacks, and key considerations. By gaining insight into each format’s distinctive characteristics, you can confidently choose the ideal team building event that fosters collaboration, engagement, and brings joy to your workforce during the holiday season.

Virtual Holiday Team Building Events

Virtual holiday team building events have gained immense popularity in recent years due to the widespread adoption of remote work. These events are conducted entirely online, making them accessible to employees from different locations and time zones.


– Cost-effective: Virtual events typically require a lower budget compared to in-person events, as there are no travel expenses or venue costs involved.

– Flexibility: Online team-building activities can accommodate different schedules and enable participation from remote employees, contractors, and other stakeholders.

– Wide range of options: Virtual team-building providers, like BreakoutIQ, offer a variety of engaging activities, such as escape rooms, holiday trivia, and scavenger hunts tailored to diverse interests and preferences.


– Limited face-to-face interaction: Virtual events can be less effective in building interpersonal connections and fostering natural team bonding since participants are not physically present together.

– Technical difficulties: Internet connectivity issues, software compatibility, and audio/video challenges can disrupt the flow and experience of virtual events.

Key considerations:

– Employee technology setups: Ensure all participants have access to the necessary technology, tools, and resources needed to participate in the event.

– Inclusivity: Select activities and themes that cater to diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures within your team.

Hybrid Holiday Team Building Events

Hybrid team building events blend both virtual and in-person components, catering to remote and on-site employees simultaneously. They provide a versatile solution for organizations that operate with a combination of in-person and remote team members.


– Greater accessibility: Hybrid events allow both in-person and remote team members to participate in the activities, fostering team unity and inclusivity.

– More diverse options: Hybrid events can combine several virtual and in-person activities, offering your team a rich and engaging experience by leveraging the strengths of both formats.

– Increased adaptability: In case of unforeseen circumstances or changes in health and safety regulations, hybrid events can be easily adjusted to accommodate new restrictions or requirements, without complete cancellation.


– Complexity: Hybrid events can be logistically complex since they involve organizing both virtual and in-person components.

– Ensuring equal involvement: Balancing engagement levels between virtual and in-person participants can be challenging and may require facilitators who are skilled in managing hybrid events.

Key considerations:

– Supporting seamless interaction: Ensure that remote and on-site participants have the necessary tools to communicate effectively throughout the event.

– Availability of a hybrid event provider: Partner with a professional team-building provider, like BreakoutIQ, that specializes in hybrid events for a successful experience.

In-Person Holiday Team Building Events

In-person holiday team building events are traditional gatherings where all employees come together at a physical location. These events offer an undiluted sense of camaraderie and a chance for personal connections to flourish.


– Direct personal interaction: In-person events facilitate stronger bonding and deeper connections among team members by providing a more authentic, engaging atmosphere.

– Easier group collaboration: Employees can work together more organically, sharing ideas, and brainstorming in real-time.

– Tangible experiences: Participating in hands-on activities, games, and immersive experiences can create unique and memorable moments for your team.


– Logistics and planning: Organizing in-person events requires coordinating travel, accommodation, and venues, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

– Health and safety: Companies need to follow guidelines and protocol to ensure safe environments for gatherings, considering the ongoing fluctuations in public health concerns.

Key considerations:

– Employee availability: Assess whether all team members are willing and able to attend an in-person event, particularly if travel is involved.

– Health and safety protocols: Implement necessary measures to create a comfortable and secure environment for your employees in adherence to current guidelines.

Assessing Your Organization’s Needs

To determine the most suitable format for your organization’s holiday team building event, consider the following factors:

– Team demographics: Analyze the composition of your team in terms of location, working arrangements, and cultural backgrounds to choose an inclusive option.

– Budget: Review your available budget for the event and make decisions accordingly, including vendor selections and event formats.

– Time frame: Assess the time frame within which the event needs to be held, including potential scheduling conflicts and availability.

– Event objectives: Evaluate your organization’s team-building goals and how each event format can contribute to achieving them.

By carefully weighing the advantages, challenges, and key considerations of virtual, hybrid, and in-person team building events, you can make a confident decision that best meets the needs of your organization. Whatever format you choose, make sure to collaborate with experienced providers like BreakoutIQ to ensure a successful, engaging, and memorable experience for your team this holiday season

Choose the Perfect Holiday Team Building Event with BreakoutIQ

Selecting the right format for your organization’s holiday team building event is crucial for promoting team cohesion, boosting morale, and celebrating collective achievements. By assessing your team’s demographic, available budget, time frame, and overarching objectives, you can make an informed decision between virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. BreakoutIQ, a provider of virtual and hybrid team-building activities for businesses of all sizes, can help you create the perfect experience tailored to your organization’s needs and preferences, ensuring a joyful and memorable holiday event for your entire team.

Ready to plan your team’s ideal holiday team building event? Connect with BreakoutIQ today and discover a wide range of engaging in-person and virtual games for work, fostering collaboration, and delivering a reenergizing experience for everyone involved.