Epic outdoor adventures!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Our in-person team building events are effectively on hold during the pandemic. However we also offer virtual team building activities designed for teams that are working remotely. If you’re looking for something to keep your team connected and boost morale during these times, take a look!

If you’re interested in either option for your team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

We hope that you and your team are safe and taking proper precautions during this unprecedented period.

– The BreakoutIQ Team




  • An immersive local adventure!
  • Choose from our library of local games
  • Or let us build a custom game near you
  • Interact with your environment like never before!

Here’s why scavenger hunts are great for team building!


  • Keep all the personalities in your group entertained!
  • Challenge types from silly to fact-based and everything in between!
  • Loads to do so everyone’s always engaged!

Here’s a full breakdown of our scavenger hunts!



  • Reconvene with your group for a hosted recap
  • Relive the adventure with the photos and videos your group took!
  • We can help book a venue or share the recap online!
  • A great lead-in to a team lunch, dinner or happy hour!


San Francisco Bay Area

  • SF – Embarcadero
  • Palo Alto
  • SF – Presidio
  • Napa
  • SF – Exploratorium
  • Oakland
  • SF – Union Square & SoMa
  • Oakland Coliseum
  • Cavallo Point


  • Central Park
  • Battery Park
  • Bryant Park
  • More on the way!


Don’t See Your Desired Neighborhood Listed?

Let Us Know!

We Can Create Custom Games For You Anywhere!



  • $75 – 100 / person is the standard Scavenger Hunt pricing
  • Flexible pricing available for large groups, off-peak dates, or tight budgets
  • Travel fees may apply based on location
  • No other taxes or fees for standard events

Inquire about extras: custom games, large events, training workshops, etc.

Click the “Book a Quest” button above to connect with us


  • Top rated experience
  • Hands-on event coordination
  • Expert facilitators
  • Live or digital post-event recap
  • Event pictures and videos


Komodo Health


A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities


Care Linx


“The puzzles were creative and we had a great time running around the Embarcadero. They're accommodating and flexible, and I'd recommend them!”

- Adam, Komodo Health

“It was fantastic! The clues and destinations were challenging but doable and fun, and also so original!

- Sinead, Ipsos

"I highly recommend them for your team building needs! The brain teasers and puzzles were great and the easier challenges were pretty fun."

- Lovie, Facebook

"I booked this event last minute and the Quest team was super flexible with their schedule. Our team had a blast walking across San Francisco and exploring different areas!"

- Christian,

"Everyone had so much fun! During the scavenger hunt, we found ourselves saying "wow, I didn't even know this was here" quite often. It makes you stop, and LOOK at what's around you!"

- AR, Square


One of our event coordinators will be in touch shortly!



+How long is the activity? Are there specific time slots that we need to book in?

Game Length
The standard length of the activity is 2.5 hours long from beginning and intro to the end of the recap. However, the game is flexible and we can often cater to itineraries lasting anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.

We’re open at all times – there are no specific time slots or game times. We’ll schedule around your needs and work with you to find a date and time that works best.

Our only recommendation is to end the game before the sun sets.

+What’s the “setup”

You will be provided with a series of maps, along with a list of puzzles and clues in order to work through the game. Answers are submitted via data-enabled cell phones on an app we provide. Only 1-2 participants per team need to have the app.

+Is this physically demanding? Is it accessible for those with physical limitations?

The scavenger hunt does require extensive walking, standing, and ability to see visual clues

The average game covers 1.5 – 2 miles. However, the challenges can be approached in any order and the route and does not require any extreme physical exertion aside from walking.

+What types of challenges will we be doing? Can I customize them?

Our scavenger hunts are broken up into four types of challenges:
– Creative challenges, where teams take pictures and videos of each other doing fun and creative things
– I-Spy challenges, where teams stay alert and have to find specific items along their route
– Neighborhood discovery challenges, where teams will have to search for answers to local trivia.
– In addition, there are a set of more complex, puzzle filled super challenges at some interesting landmarks.

Click here for a full breakdown of our scavenger hunts!

Customization works in one of two ways: location or content. We can either customize the specific content for your team, office, company, or theme, or we can build a scavenger hunt for a specific location of your choice. Ask our event coordinators about building a custom scavenger hunt for your needs!

+What does the recap entail?

Our game recap is often the highlight of the day! Our game hosts will lead a lively presentation of the best pictures and videos collected by teams during the event, and announce the winners.

Based on your agenda and availability of a projector or TV, we’ll lead the recap in person 15-30 minutes after your event. If we can’t run it live, we’ll send it to you digitally after the event.

+ Game Locations

+Where are your game locations? Can you make us a scavenger hunt in a location that is not listed on your website?

We have games built in many locations across the San Francisco Bay Area and New York Tri-State area. Click on the “Game Locations” button above to see our most up to date list.

We can also build a scavenger hunt in a specific location of your choice. Ask our event coordinators about creating a custom scavenger hunt in your desired location!

+Where do we start and end the game?

Depending on the location you choose, the starting and ending location varies. Each game has a designated home base. If you’re coming from nearby, we can also often start the game where you are, and send teams on their way from there. If you’re looking to add a post game happy hour, we can route teams there for the end of the game.

+ A great team activity for any group size!

+What makes it different from other scavenger hunts?

Although we use an app for answer and photo submissions, we provide most clues via paper. We find that this makes it easier for multiple people to work together, and keeps your team more connected with each other rather than their cell phones.

We also offer a broad mix of challenge types, ranging from creative challenges to puzzles. Most scavenger hunts pick one or the other – we build our game for a more broad appeal.

+How many people can play? How big are the teams?

The QuestIQ Scavenger Hunt can accommodate any size group! We’ve run single team games for 6 participants, and large groups nearing 1000.

Ideally, each team is comprised of between 5 and 7 members. You can select your own teams before the game, or have us help randomize them on the spot.

+Why are scavenger hunts good for teambuilding? Do you offer training programs?

BreakoutIQ scavenger hunts provide unique and memorable opportunities for guests to think outside the box and interact in new–and often surprising–ways. They require everyone in a group to integrate a broad mix of strategies, skills, and personalities to succeed.

They can also add flavor to a wide variety of occasions including onsites, offsites, holiday parties, company retreats, sales kickoffs, milestone celebrations, trainings, fun team outings, happy hours, etc.

Click here to learn more about why scavenger hunts are an effective teambuilding activity.

In addition to the activity itself, we can also include a post-activity debrief and workshop. The discussion highlights key takeaways from the activity; shines a light on your and your teammates’ tendencies; and formulates how those learnings can be applied for a more productive workplace. Some of the topics covered include roles, awareness, and communication, or we can cover custom topics as requested!

+What types of people like this? My team doesn’t like scavenger hunts

This activity is for anyone who would enjoy challenging their mind with puzzles, while still having an outdoor and active component.

+ Getting Around During the Game

+Do we have to take transit, taxis, or rideshare apps?

All locations are accessible by foot.

+Do groups stay together / have the same route?

Groups are given the same map, however the activity itself is non-linear. Groups are able to move at their own pace and form a game strategy and route in any way they see fit!

+My group’s not from the main game area / city. Do we need to be familiar with the area that the scavenger hunt takes place in?

No! Our activity is completely self contained, and you will be provided with everything you need to be successful!

+ Getting ready for game day!

+What do we wear? What do we bring? Is there a place to put our things?

Please wear anything that you can comfortably move around in, as for the majority of the activity, you will be standing and walking.

All you need to bring is our signed waiver, and 1-2 participants with data-enabled cell phones per team.

As the scavenger hunts themselves take place in public areas, there will be no place to secure your items during the activity unless we start at your office or another provided location.

+What do we get if we win?

In addition to bragging rights over your colleagues, we are happy to distribute any prizes that you provide. We do not provide prizes for winning.

+What if it rains?

The scavenger hunt can be run either rain or shine! We will bring ponchos in the event of rain. If your team would rather not participate, let your event coordinator know beforehand. We offer a somewhat flexible rain policy, and can often offer a date change or replacement activity.

+What if we have questions or need help during the scavenger hunt?

Our event facilitator will be available throughout the activity to answer questions for you! We’ll provide you with a way to contact them even if you’re away from the home base.