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Scavenger Hunts for Corporate Teams: Why BreakoutIQ is Right For You

QuestIQ Goes Above And Beyond The Standard Scavenger Hunt 

Through thoughtful game design, QuestIQ engages your team from start to finish and leaves you feeling enriched. Time will fly by as you and your team tackle all sorts of challenges, simple and complex. You’ll bounce ideas off each other, get to know your city in ways you never expected, and learn something new about your team.

Our standard and custom scavenger hunts ease in with an intro challenge, test your problem solving skills with a variety of different types of challenges, and finish off with a hilarious recap to get a glimpse of how other teams approached problems and found (often ridiculous) solutions.

Why Our Hosting Makes for a Better Experience for Your Entire Team

Relaxed and ready to go!Most corporate scavenger hunt offerings are unhosted experiences. That can be great for teams on a lower budget but places a large burden on the event organizer. It can also lead to issues for the players during the game. 

Having issues with the app? Can’t find an item on the game map? Feeling stuck on a particular challenge

In unhosted games, players don’t have anywhere to turn. Instead of reaching out to a knowledgeable facilitator, they often ask the event organizer to help resolve issues. That leads to a worse experience for all involved. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a seamless activity? Our hosts are prepared to help you throughout the game, so all you have to do is show up and have fun.

Everything’s Easy

Our expert event hosts keep the experience running smoothly from the moment you arrive. If you have questions at any point, we’re there for you. We start by making sure you’re set up with everything you need to succeed. We walk you through how to download a simple app that acts as a portal for you to submit your answers, receive messages, and watch the live scoreboard. We also provide you a detailed game map that outlines the course, key landmarks, and challenge locations. Then we launch into a quick explanation and present our intro challenge. 

Getting to know the game through the intro challengeAn Intro Challenge Welcomes You To The Game

The intro challenge gets you acquainted with the game as you play it, using the materials right in your hand. Getting to know the game is a game itself! Questions? Confusion? Concerns? Don’t worry! This is your time to ask your facilitator for clarification in person before you take off into the wild. And if questions do come up during the game, you’ll have a handy dandy contact number so you can get help whenever you need it. 

Now You’re Off And Running. 

Whether you got there by reading, listening, or playing, you’re ready to embark on your quest. That’s no accident. We make sure to appeal to different styles of learning so everyone starts on the same page. As the organizer, this is your time to sit back and relax or jump into the action by taking your place on a team. 

A Variety Of Challenges: Something For Everyone

This team goes all out for their photo challenges!With the intro challenge complete, you’re ready to take on the big stuff. Unlike other scavenger hunts, you’re not just collecting as many pictures as you can or just solving puzzles. QuestIQ goes a step further, engaging a variety of types of thinking and spurring people to work collaboratively. Teams take creative photos and videos, discover local trivia, and solve mind-bending puzzles all while working together to explore the area. 

With that much variety, everyone gets a chance to step up and practice leadership in the team. There’s no one perfect strategy to win a Quest, and everyone gets a say in charting the team’s course. Whether you focus on cracking codes or taking lots of pictures along the way, you’re guaranteed to have fun. 

It’s Not Just You And Your Phone

Most scavenger hunt games have you face down in an app for each challenge. It’s a convenient way to deliver challenges, but often results in players interacting more with their phones than with each other. 

In QuestIQ, we only use our app for answer submission. We provide each team with a set of physical clues they must share in order to work through the game. This results in a lot more collaboration, face time, and discussion on team strategy, leading to a more engaging and productive team building activity. 

What You Want, Where You Want It

Where do we go next?Wherever you are in New York or the Bay Area, QuestIQ can come to you. We have standard hunts in a number of centrally-located neighborhoods. And if you want something closer to home, we’ll create a custom scavenger hunt in your own neighborhood!  

In as little as one week, we can put together precisely the Quest you need. It’ll be where you want it, whether that’s your campus, your downtown, or your favorite baseball stadium. 

We can even fold in custom content about your company: custom themes and story lines, team values, learning objectives, and more!

Ending On A High Note

We heart Quest and so will you!With the seconds winding down and adrenaline pumping, what’s left other than a winning team? A lot—we have recaps. You can receive a PowerPoint the next day to scan at your leisure or watch a live presentation, hosted back at your office or at a happy hour spot we can set up for you. Either way, you’ll have a blast reliving your adventure and seeing other teams’ hilarious photos and videos.

It’s not just an extra layer of fun. The recap reinforces the bonds formed during the game and reminds participants of the tactics they used to find creative solutions to challenges, which they can then apply back at the office. Plus you’ll get to discover how other teams approached the same challenges. You might strike up a conversation across teams about the best way to cover the most ground or how to tackle the greatest super challenge of all: working as a team to succeed in your workplace.


Interested In A Scavenger Hunt For Your Team?

With so many creative options to have a fun, memorable, and constructive team experience, it’s no wonder that scavenger hunts are one of the most popular team building activities. 

If you’re interested in booking a scavenger hunt for your team, BreakoutIQ is the perfect fit. Our games are designed specifically with corporate teams in mind, and can cater to any group size at the same time, from 10s to 100s. We have many pre-built games across the San Francisco Bay Area and New York Tri-State Area, and can also build new, custom games in or near your office upon request! 

To learn more or book a BreakoutIQ scavenger hunt, click here

We hope you’ll join us soon!