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Benefits of Virtual Trivia Games for Remote Teams

Are you thinking about hosting a virtual trivia game for your employees? There are many benefits to these games. This type of trivia game is done completely online, so your employees don’t have to go anywhere. This is great for companies that are mostly remote workers or have teams that work remotely and never get to interact with those in the office except during work hours. Trivia can be a fun way of bringing people together and even teaching certain concepts or skills. Here are a few of the different benefits of doing remote team trivia.


It Encourages Team Building

When new employees join your company, they may not feel like they’re a part of the team. This is why many companies do some sort of team building exercises when new groups of employees come onboard or periodically throughout the year. Virtual trivia games are a great way of giving employees a chance to talk and work together that isn’t focused on the job. These trivia games split employees into small groups, so they can really get to know each other well while working together on the answers.

Trivia encourages and promotes team building by giving your employees a goal to work towards that isn’t related to work. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere, and everyone is encouraged to chat and share about themselves while they work together. There is some downtime in these games, so there will be time for each team to get to know each other.


It Can Help with Company Training

Another great benefit to virtual team trivia is that it can actually be used to train your employees when they first come onboard. This is great for companies with large teams that may hire groups of several new employees at one time. These new hire groups can go through one of our custom trivia games that asks questions about your company.

You provide all of the information you want us to base the questions off of, then we create them using our standard trivia format. You can provide unique information like fun facts about teammates, important company cultural notes and stories, and more to help customize the activity and make it an even more productive, yet fun, experience.

Customizing one of our trivia games is very easy. You don’t need to write any of the questions or do any of the work. Just send us your employee handbook or whatever other material you want us to use to create the questions. We can even send them to you ahead of time to review if you’d like.


It’s a Fun Way to Engage in Friendly Competition

Trivia games are a good way to get your teams fired up with a little bit of friendly competition. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging competition as long as it doesn’t go so far as to become antagonistic. Trivia is one way to keep the stakes lighthearted and fun without it becoming anything negative.


It’s Something Different

Employees need a break every now and then. A fun game of trivia can be a great way of focusing on something other than projects, reports, and other work. This is a good way of showing your employees that you value their mental health just as much as their physical health. Taking time out for a little fun every now and then will help break up the workflow and relax. This is something that’s often a little more difficult to do with remote employees since you can’t always gather in the break room to celebrate a birthday or go out to lunch together.


We Can Help You Organize Your Next Virtual Trivia Game

Not certain how to start your own remote team quiz? That’s where BreakoutIQ comes in. Our team has experience with using many different types of virtual meeting software, including Zoom. We take care of handling all of the email invites, setting up the teams, and running the online meeting. You don’t need to be a Zoom expert or do anything technical.

We also handle all of the questions. We have trivia banks we can draw from, plus we will create your custom trivia questions from any materials you send to us. If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of virtual trivia, contact our team today – we’re ready to host everything.