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8 Ways Games are Perfect for Remote Team Building: Part 1

With advances in technology, there are many options for remote teams to engage in activities that help build relationships and foster a sense of community.

Playing games is a great way to do this, as it encourages teams to think outside the box and work together to come up with creative solutions to challenges. In this two-part guide, we illustrate ways in which games improve the remote team-building experience.

1) Gives the Team a Common Ground for Conversation

Games are an excellent way to provide remote teams with a common ground for conversation. By playing a game together, teams can foster camaraderie and connection, regardless of physical distance. Games also provide an easy way to break the ice, open up communication channels, and promote healthy interactions. 

Team members can get to know each other better, share their experiences, and develop a deeper understanding of each other. What’s more, games can also give teams an opportunity to create a collective culture, which is essential for successful remote work. Teams can learn how to work together, have fun, and stay connected, all while sharing a common purpose. 

2) Simulates Swift Communication in a Low-Risk Environment

Simulating swift communication in a low-risk environment is an important part of remote team building. Games provide an ideal platform for this type of communication, as they allow teammates to practice and hone the skills necessary for successful collaboration in a safe and fun environment.

Games provide a great platform for remote teams to practice and develop their communication skills. By playing together, teammates can practice and refine the techniques of communicating quickly and accurately. This can help to improve the speed and accuracy of team communication and ensure that important information is relayed quickly and accurately. 

3) Provides a Platform for Teamwork with Low Consequences

Games provide a great platform for remote teams to work together and collaborate, with low consequences if mistakes are made. The lack of real-world consequences that games provide makes it easier for team members to take risks and experiment with different strategies, without fear of failure. 

Through virtual games, team members can learn to trust and rely on each other, which can be a great benefit to any remote team. Games can also provide a great way to build relationships and foster collaboration among team members, enabling them to work together more effectively. 

4) Offers a Safe, Relaxed Space to Socialize

Games are the perfect way to create a safe and relaxed space to socialize remotely. By bringing the team together in a game setting, everyone can engage in a low-pressure environment while still enjoying the camaraderie of the group. It gives everyone a chance to build stronger relationships with each other, which can really help to improve team morale. 

Having a safe and relaxed space to socialize can also help to foster a sense of community within the remote team. It allows everyone to connect with one another in a way that is comfortable and non-threatening. 


Games provide a great way to build remote team morale, foster collaboration, and encourage creativity. They offer a fun and entertaining way to stay connected, build relationships, and improve communication. In the next part of this guide, we break down some more benefits of games for remote team building.

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