Trivia reimagined and designed for everyone! An unexpected twist on this classic team activity

COVID-19 Update: Trivia for remote teams

Although our in-person trivia events are currently on hold, we recently launched a video conference based version for teams that are working from home, have remote employees, and/or are distributed across many cities. Conversation starting trivia rounds, a mix of small team and large group interactions, and a fun competition make this a great fit for any team! Great for all group sizes and activities ranging from 30 – 90 minutes.

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  • The classic game show / trivia night you know and love, presented by our lively hosts
  • Game content that engages your entire group, not just the trivia buffs!
  • Success requires discussion, debate and collaboration!
  • Trivia experience and obscure knowledge not required!


  • Simple plug and play setup makes for playability in-office or off-site
  • Variable game lengths and easy break points
  • Seamlessly pairs with food and drink
  • Great for adding bursts of fun at company dinners, networking events, and more!
  • Works for group sizes 8 – 1,000+


  • Light, creative rounds
  • Puzzles and problem solving games
  • Office culture and participant driven questions
  • Any potential custom rounds for your groupscroll down for more info!

Read our FAQs for more info

You'll Need Your Whole Team For This Triv


Each game can be tailored to your company culture, industry, event objectives, or learning goals. Here’s how it’s done!

High Fives All Around


  • Standard Game with light customization

STEP 1: you complete a <5 min questionnaire about your group

STEP 2: we pick the right mix of rounds and questions based on your responses

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in our standard game

  • Custom Game with heavy customization

STEP 1: you complete a slightly longer questionnaire

STEP 2: we get to work creating at least 40-50% brand new content tailored to any objective you have in mind!

Past Customization Examples:     Holiday Themed – Halloween, Holiday   |   Event Goals – Company Networking

Company Values  & Learning Goals – Communication, Feedback, Diversity, Trust and more!



  • $35 – 75 / person is the standard Custom Trivia pricing
  • Flexible pricing available for large groups, off-peak dates, or tight budgets
  • Travel fees may apply based on location
  • No other taxes or fees for standard events

Inquire about extras: custom games, large events, training workshops, etc.

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  • Top rated experience
  • Hands-on event coordination
  • Expert facilitators
  • Event pictures and videos



Andreessen Horowitz

A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities



Another company with a highly distributed workforce and a need for remote team building Another company with a highly distributed workforce and a need for remote team building


"I didn't know two co-workers very well and this was a great opportunity to interact with them and learn more about them in a more relaxed way. Definitely recommend it!"

- Emilio, Taulia

"Well organized, funny, and they put in a lot of effort to customize the evening so that company trivia was mixed in with ""normal"" trivia. I would 100% book them again!"

- Caroline, Andreessen Horowitz

"The event itself was SO MUCH FUN!! My team (who can tend to be on the introverted side) had a blast and the trivia game really helped push them out of their comfort zone and also get to know one another better.”

- Nicole, Facebook

“It was super Fun. All the rounds very well thought out. It was very good mix of competing against team as well as working with other teams to move forward.”

- Nilay, GTS

“Our group was 120 people - it was so much fun and the teams were very competitive! It was surprising to see people you would never think be all about it! It was a memorable time!”

- Debbie, HP


One of our event coordinators will be in touch shortly!


+ What is TrivIQ?

+What is the game like?

TrivIQ is inspired by trivia nights and game shows, and designed to maximize fun by picking the right content to encourage more participation and team discussion! A typical game lasts ~75 minutes, with 7 different rounds. Usually 2-3 of the rounds are lighter, more creative rounds to ease your team into the game, with another 2-3 puzzle and problem solving based rounds and another 2-3 team and office culture based rounds. While we can adjust that balance for your preferences, we find this to be a great way to make sure everyone on your team can contribute to the game.

+Why does it cost more than other trivia options? How is it different?

Higher Quality Game Content

We don’t use standard “bar trivia” type questions that test knowledge of random facts and subjects. Instead, we make sure everyone on your team can participate and that teams have to work together and discuss how to approach each round in order to succeed with a mix of creative content, office culture based rounds, and problem solving and puzzle based rounds.

Custom Content 

We also have the option to customize the content to your company, team, and event goals and objectives if interested.

Trained Facilitators

Our hosts have run hundreds of corporate events of all kinds. They know how to keep the game fun and lighthearted, and will also manage all the details on-site so you don’t have to.

Event Photos 

We’ll take plenty of pictures during your event and share them afterwards at no cost.

We also have flexible pricing available for large groups, off-peak dates, or tight budgets. Click the “Book a Triv” button above to find out how we can work with you!

+How long does it last?

Our standard activity lasts 7 rounds and a total of roughly 75 minutes. As it is round based, we are happy to be flexible in order to fill a specific amount of time for your event! Our past events have ranged from 15 minutes to 2 hours

+How do you judge who won --- are we graded, or is it in a game-show style?

After each round, one of our hosts will collect answer sheets and tally up scores. We’ll provide score updates throughout the game, and at the end of the game, the victors will be announced!

+Will we be waiting around while you grade?

No! After each round, and a quick review of the answers, our host will introduce the next round. While the teams proceed to the next round, our hosts will grade the previous rounds, so you are never kept waiting. Have

+ Our customization process and sample questions

+I just want your standard TrivIQ game - how do you pick the right content for my team?

In our standard games, we’ll send you a <5 minute questionnaire to learn about your group, and use that to pick the right mix of rounds and questions. The questionnaire helps us learn more about your preferred game tone and setting (social, happy hour style, professional, team building, etc.), participant makeup (departments, how well they know each other, interests), and anything else you’d like to share.

+I’m interested in a custom trivia game - how do you design that for my team?

Our custom games start with at least 40-50% custom and brand new content for your team. We’ll send you a questionnaire to get the basics, and then you can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like from there.

Custom content can be tailored to any objective you have in mind. We have plenty of custom round frameworks we’ve already built, or we’ll create a brand new round type just for you!

+What are some sample rounds?

We offer a broad variety of rounds, but here are a few of our most popular:

Consensus Round: our highest energy round. Half of your team has to move across the room, and your answers to 8 opinion based questions must match. A great round for team and office culture questions

Scenario Round: our most collaborative round. We present a challenging scenario and give you 10-15 items you can use to get out. You have 6 minutes to pick and rank the most important set of items. Topics can include a crash landing on the moon, zombie apocalypse, or more.

Urban Dictionary Round: our funniest round. Can you match 8 seemingly random definitions from the eclectic online dictionary from a word bank of 16? We’ll often offer a light customization of this round for your company and industry in even our standard games. Don’t worry, we keep these all professional

+ Who it's for

+Who is this for? Is it a fun trivia game, or a more professional one?

Whether you’re looking to host a fun happy hour with some light trivia, or focus more on team building, we’ll design the right content for you. Our facilitators are also trained to read the room and work with you to match the tone and experience you’re looking for.

+Do you need special knowledge to play? Is it like a bar trivia activity?

No – we design each round and question to limit the amount of outside knowledge needed to answer. We have very few “you know it or you don’t” type questions, and try to actively reward team discussion in arriving at the right answers.

Upon request, we’re happy to make the game more of a bar trivia style to include specific themes that your group will like.

+Is this appropriate for a corporate audience? Will anyone be uncomfortable?

It is appropriate for corporate audiences.  Our expert event facilitators have hosted many events for many different teams, and the activity itself features no mature content.

+ How we work with different group sizes

+How many players can we have at one time?

We can host a TrivIQ trivia game for groups as large as 1000! Our minimum group size is usually 10 people.

+How many people are on each team?

Ideally, each team is comprised of between 5 and 7 members.. You can select your own teams before the game, or have us help randomize them on the spot.

+Is it hosted? How many hosts will there be?

Yes! One or two of our expert trivia hosts will be there onsite to host and make sure everyone has an excellent time! For larger events, we’ll provide additional staff to make sure the game continues to run in a smooth manner.

+ How we can host TrivIQ at any time or location

+Are there specific time slots that we need to book in?

We’re open at all times and will work with you to find a date and time. There are no specific time slots or game times – we’ll schedule around your needs.

+Can you host trivia at my office or off-site venue? How much will you move things around?

Yes! TrivIQ can be brought anywhere. Setting it up at your office or another venue you provide is the most affordable option and the simplest to organize.

Utilizing the existing space, tables, and seating area, as well as a place to project on to, we can turn any office into a trivia venue!

+I want to get out of my office, or can’t provide a suitable activity space. Can you provide one?

Yes! We have an extensive network of venue partners across the Bay Area and New York Area. Our concierge team can help you find a great venue for your event.

Our venue partner network features a wide variety of venues such as restaurants, bars, events spaces, conference rooms, retreat centers, as well as some unexpected options like gallery and music spaces!

There are options that work great for most budgets, and venues can often offer food and drink packages too if you are interested.

+My office isn’t in San Francisco or New York City - can I still book an event?

Yes! Over half of our events take place across the broader Bay Area or Tri-State region.

We also can fly anywhere in the country for certain events based on budget and availability.

+Can you play TrivIQ outdoors?

Yes! We can host the trivia event in an outdoor location!

+How loud does the activity get?

As the activity involves discussion amongst team members, and involves audio rounds and musical tracks being played, the volume can get high.

+ How setup works

+What do you bring? Do you need any equipment for it to get set up? Do we need to provide anything?

All we need are enough tables and chairs to fit everyone (one table per team), along with, ideally, a projector and space to project on to. We can, however, bring the projector should you not have one available! You don’t need to provide anything else.

+How long do you need to set up and clean up?

Most events only require ~15 minutes before and after the activity. We can also accommodate faster setups or cleanups for tight agendas, and occasionally need longer for very large groups.

+ What you can add on

+Can we eat while we play?

The activity pairs very well with food, either before, during, or afterwards! If you book a venue through us, many offer food packages ranging from bar bites to a full meal. You’re welcome to provide your own food too.

+Can we drink while we play?

Absolutely! Feel free to have drinks served during the activity. If you book a venue through us, many of them offer drink packages. We do recommend only a small number of drinks before and during the game, so that groups are able to enjoy the activity.

+Do we win anything?

Aside from bragging rights over your colleagues, we are happy to distribute any prizes that you provide for the winners.

+I have an international team. Can my entire team participate?

All teams can participate, though currently we do only offer our TrivIQ activity in English.